Receive gifts from your fans instantly.

Peachy is a free platform where creators share their wishes and fans make them come true.

It's free, and takes less than a minute.
A profile page viewed as a creator with wish lists and wishes insides those lists

Give your fans an easy way to say thanks.

In just a couple taps, your fans can send you a gift and a thank you note.

We make it easy for your fans to support you, anonymously or not!

Private & Secure. Keep your information private from fans.

Receive payouts from your gifts


of the funds are yours*

* currency conversion may reduce the expected amount.

Anonymous from the beginning

Send your fans a private thank you note

Customize your profile

Instant payouts

Get paid as soon as your fan gift you a wish

A section of the Creator dashboard showcasing a creator username, their details and how the payouts are highlighted on it.

Designed for creators, not corporations.

First item

We don't categorize people as customers or transactions. They're your fans.

First item

You own 100% of your data. We'll never email your fans

First item

Need help? Talk to a human to get support, advice or to get your list up and running.

First item

Get paid instantly to your bank account. No 30-day delays.

Start my wish list — It's freeIt's Free and it takes less than a minute.

A free, privacy-first wishlist.

The ultimate list
Create wishes on your list from any online shop or create a custom item to get funds for travel, food, college and more.
No shipping address
Keep your email, address and legal name private and receive any item from your fans safely.
Full control
Add any item you want to your wish lists and cash out on your time.
A safe community
We are built to help you as a creator, no matter what content you create.